Why Choose Bespoke Furniture

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Spring has finally sprung and before us lay the long days of summer.  For many of us our thoughts turn to decorating, freshening up a room with a new lick of paint and perhaps some new furniture.

So off we go to the DIY store, armed with numerous colour swatches and match pots. Finally we decide on a colour scheme. A feature colour here some wallpaper there, then finally we have that look we were aiming for.  Not like any of our friends or Mrs Wotsit’s down the road, but our own style, our own individual choice. But is it complete?

We’ve taken the time to get the walls, curtains and flooring right, but what about the furniture. We have an idea in our mind of what it is we are looking for. But after endless trips to all the furniture showrooms and trawling the internet for hours, we still haven’t found it.

Finally, YES there is something similar to what we had in mind, but it’s far too big to fit in that space we have, certainly not the right colour and the storage options just don’t work. So do we settle of second best? The paint and decor seemed so easy, no limitation on design or feel, we could even get the paint mixed to the colour we wanted. But furniture seems to be much more challenging.

Maybe we could get something made? At least it would fit in that space, be the right colour and we could even get the storage just right. It may cost slightly more than that flat pack we have seen in a catalogue, but at least it would be exactly what we need and want,  No-one else is going to have anything like it and just like the decor it would be our own individual choice .

So how do we go about this, there is no high street store that provides this service, so where do we go?

AJ Furniture provides a free design & quotation service for just this purpose. Work with a skilled cabinet maker and furniture designer to create your bespoke piece of furniture. They can suggest the materials that would works best with your design and will take all of your specifications and requirement into account and incorporate them into the design.

All that is needed is a simple sketch or images and photos of anything similar.

Then you will have the piece of furniture that will finish of your room.

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